Novotel Istanbul Zeytinburnu - Family & Business trip hotel - Outdoor Swimming Pool

The depth of our pool is 90cm and the separate area of ​​25m2 for children, there is a depth of 160cm and the width is 140m2. There are 55 deck chairs which are available between 07:00 and 19:00 hours per day.

Free for our guests staying at the Novotel, € 10 per person per day for our guests staying at the ibis Hotel.

Reservations are required for guests coming from outside.

Daily entry fees

Weekdays 79 TL

Weekend 99 TL

Seasonal Pool Memberships

1 Month membership 500 TL

3 Month membership 1250 TL

Our services:

  • Deck chairs, towels, umbrellas and wireless internet are included.
  • There are men and women dressing rooms, a shower and a scrambled wardrobe.
  • There is a pool menu with rich snacks and refreshing drinks and a la carte service menu.
  • It can be assigned to weddings etc. completely or for a certain time for special organizations.

Safety & Hygiene:

  • We have lifeguard certified staff.
  • It is under the supervision of the Public Health Directorate of the Istanbul Governor’s Office and for legal reasons
  • Water analysis is conducted once a month by Accredited Laboratories (Science Laboratories).
  • Every day, it is disinfected by the vacuum machine, reverse washing and shocking methods,
  • With the 100% automation connected chemical dosing system, the pool water is adjusted to the chlorine and pH rate, and the chlorine and the pH are collected 3 times a day. The responsible manager is assigned and the pool water operator documentation is available.


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